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Another Happy Student
by Jack Okorn - Friday, 1 April 2016, 09:00 AM
Wow how do i explain what you have done for me. I set up windows 2012 R2 because of you your class has helped me be independent and not rely on anyone. You showed me what i need to know. I highly recommend you and your class to everyone.

Available Courses

  • Cost: $200.00
    In this course you will be given a deeper look at using VMWare ESXi Server which is the same a ESX so when you want to upgrade you will be ready.

    This course will guide you step by step from installing onto your server to bringing up virtual servers. We use ESXi in our network everyday and this is how you get the most bang for your server dollars. Don't wait another minute because this course will save you countless hours of trail and error.

    Once you complete this course you will earn a Certificate Of Completion which can then be added to your resume. So don't wait sign up today.

  • In this course you will dive into Windows Server 2012 R2 learning everything from installing to administration as an active server. It is here so we might as well get on board with using it today!

    This course will prepare you for that upgrade you are thinking about of that next big interview you are going on. Once you complete this course you will earn a Certificate Of Completion. Don't wait sign up today!

  • Once you sign up for this course you will learn how to setup a new server from ground up. Installing Windows Server 2008 up to bringing it online into your network. What's in this great course (DNS, DHCP, DCPROMO, Remotes, Policies, OU's, Security, Groups, WSUS, Shares, Domains and MORE). Once you complete this course you will be issued a certificate of completion.

    This course has been having overwhelming success with those who have already completed it. Don't wait another minute. I've received many e-mails thanking me for this course.So don't wait until it's to late.

    Student Message: I would have never been ready for my current position of Server Admin without taking this course. When I walked into the interview with my certificate and course outline my new boss said he could not have hired me. Thanks so much for the low cost way to learn Windows Server 2008.

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